A provision within the development agreement for the Gateway Project (at I-5 and C.R. 102) is the basis for development of the new Rite-Aid store at Main and East Streets. That provision relates to mitigation of adverse impacts upon Woodland’s central business district from the Gateway Project’s huge new retail footprint on the City’s eastern edge.

Mitigation was represented in this document as an option for developer Paul Petrovich; he must submit an application within six and a half years from the date of occupancy of Costco, for a project located in Woodland’s downtown area that will have an assessed value of $3,000,000, or else pay the City $1,030,000 in cash.

Sources at Woodland City Hall state that Petrovich is expecting the development of this Rite-Aid store will satisfy his relevant legal obligations to the City. Apparently, development of this Rite-Aid store violates Woodland’s Downtown Specific Plan (for details, please see below: Yolo Sun Investigative News Report, July 24, 2008).

The development agreement for the Gateway Project was put into final form on February 15, 2005, and adopted by the Woodland City Council on May 30, 2006.

Yolo Sun is conducting continuing investigations into these matters, and will soon publish another update.