On Wednesday, June 20, 2012, the City of Woodland will host a community-wide public workshop as a first step in the development of a community climate action plan.

This workshop is an initial — “public visioning” — effort in which city staff will introduce the purpose of a climate action plan and invite community input on possible greenhouse gas reduction strategies and community priorities.

Renowned climate change authority Dr. Deb Niemeier of the University of California, Davis College of Engineering is leading the technical analysis for this climate action plan effort and will be speaking at this workshop about climate change and greenhouse gas factors related to Woodland.

Meeting Date:               Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Meeting Time:               6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Meeting Location:          Community and Senior Center, Banquet Room 3

There will be refreshments and door prizes offered to those attending the workshop.

A climate action plan is a planning document that provides strategies for reducing community-wide energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, also referred to as a “carbon footprint.”   Greenhouse gasses are those gases, such as carbon dioxide, that trap heat in the atmosphere.

AB 32, signed into law in 2006, committed the state to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020, or by 15%.

A local climate action plan is based on the premise that local governments and the communities they represent are uniquely capable of addressing many of the major sources of emissions within their jurisdictions.

The City’s Planning and Environmental Services Divisions and the City Council Energy Committee have long sought a way to undertake such a project but have been hindered by the lack of sufficient staff resources, in-house technical knowledge, and budget. The effort now being initiated has been made possible by funding from PG&E’s Green Communities Program, which is being provided through the Yolo County-PG&E local government partnership referred to as Yolo Energy Watch.

The technical work on the plan is being conducted by a select group of University of California, Davis students under Dr. Niemeier’s direction.

The climate action plan will establish greenhouse gas-reduction targets that are consistent with state-established goals and will provide options for achieving those targets. It is intended to provide the community with a well-defined planning framework related to energy efficiency and climate change effects, streamline future projects’ compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act, and provide the business community with greater certainty about planning and permitting requirements.

The community is encouraged to help shape the details of this plan as it is being developed.  Anyone interested in being informed about future meetings and updates is encouraged to send their contact information to roberta.childers@cityofwoodland.org.

* All attendees will receive an energy efficient door prize and will be entered into a drawing for a news bicycle courtesy of PG&E. Must be present to win. *

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