In the wake of recent theft and recovery of the Library’s historical (1905) brass handrail, Trustees of Woodland Public Library met on February 19 and considered, among other matters, various subjects related to security.

Bicycle theft became a topic, since library patrons are chronic victims of such criminal behavior.

One library staff member speculates that bike thieves sometimes operate in teams, using a truck to collect bikes locked-up with only regular cables, which can easily be cut with relatively concealable tools.

During consideration of potential remedies, library trustee Bud Goding came forward with an innovative solution.  He proposes welding suitable lengths of 3/4-inch thick chain to the library’s bicycle racks, so that each bike frame can be wrapped with such a chain and secured using only patrons’ hardened locks.

Goding also volunteers to do the welding.

“It would take someone more than a half-hour to hack-saw through a 3/4 inch chain,” indicates Goding, who adds that bolt cutters big enough to break such a chain / lock would be difficult to conceal.

The library has spaces for about 25 bicycles, in four racks at either side of its front entrance.

Although the specific time-frame is uncertain for Goding’s installation of such chains on library bike racks, this security measure should soon become available for library patrons, so they may confidently use bicycles to frequent the library.