[Editor’s note:  Also, please see related comment, below, regarding this column.]

Tonight, Yolo Sun drifted (again) past a continual scene of chronic homelessness in downtown Woodland, to find that the daily meal at the former Wayfarer’s Center (now known as 4th & Hope, since profound organizational turbulence during recent years) is quite severely (nutritionally) deficient.

According to several reports, many of the beneficent offerings for this daily meal at this perhaps overly-important outfit are greatly unflavorful pasta sorts of stuff, combined with various starch and canned fruit (particularly unappealing, upon instant inspection).  No person (of ordinary means, to wax sarcastic) could possibly hope to well survive on such meager rations.

Pride in helping the homeless, defenseless and downtrodden in this difficult time, is especially not available in this situation.

Disgusting performance is the only way to properly describe most meal offerings at 4th & Hope, according to reliable reports.

2007-09, the former Wayfarer’s Center hired a proper cook / chef (Bradley Griffith) to maintain its appropriate level of performance within this facility, even with continuing involvement of local (public benefit) organizations, which would still prepare meals several times a week.

Now, it seems that these local organizations have substantially increased their role, to the enormous nutritional distress of its patrons.

Bradley Griffith was let go, while Wayfarers Center’s (suspiciously undermined) fiduciary / client responsibilities eroded, on a steep downward slide toward eventual public scandal.

If 4th & Hope has any hope of satisfactorily serving the masses of homeless persons helplessly clinging to its doors, it must immediately hire staff (a professional cook) to properly feed these many folk, despite whatever (relatively insufficient) help is being provided by beneficent local charities, etc..

If you (the reader) tried to survive on today’s meager meal at 4th & Hope, you would not be hopeful.