For years, Woodland’s legions of skateboarders have been wondering why their City Skateboard Park “really sucks, but it’s all we have,” expressed one of two ardent skateboarders recently using it.  “The City doesn’t even maintain it, since it sucks so much,” he went on.

Vividly apparent was ample and egregious city mismanagement and neglect, underscoring his view.

Unusually, the city even seems to have promptly eradicated a (small) maverick improvement to this pathetic park, accomplished by skateboarders themselves, according to the two on hand to tell this tale.

Transformed from former tennis courts at the southeastern corner of Crawford Park, and adorned with the name of the city mayor of those times — Dave Flory — exists what can only be described as a city facility that “really sucks,” used by local enthusiasts only as a technique / fashion of deep desperation.

Flory was asked for his comment (by Yolo Sun), but he did not have much to say about this mess.

Abysmal quality of this City facility is easily attributable to the fact that most all sales-tax money for Woodland’s capital facilities (library, opera house, parks and various other facilities) program has for nearly a decade been siphoned off to backfill the bonded debt of the City’s new community and sports complex, a vast debt strangely conceived to be reliably serviceable using development fees from cyclical housing circumstances.

Roughly, during 2009 – 2016 (and ongoing), about half of the City’s Measure E sales-tax revenue has been used to service that debt, with the other half being used as the City’s primary source of funding for roads.

Downtown Woodland merchant — Skate or Die Boardshop — has long been asking the City for a solution, for a genuine and proper City skateboard park, even offering to bring together private capital to help, only to be met with the blunt reply that “the City doesn’t have enough money” for a proper skateboard park.


A visit to its new downtown location, noted in above link, is highly recommended.

Contrast this scene with that in City of Corning, right up the road from Woodland — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corning,_California

Corning (population 7663) has somehow produced a wonderful, $3 million skateboard park for its youth.

On the video, below, this Corning Skateboard Park is introduced to the public by a very proud mayor of Corning.

Could Dave Flory (or Woodland’s present mayor) ever be envisioned as so introducing Woodland’s miserable little facility?

Woodland’s skateboarders deserve (have earned) an equity position in our community, such as the one celebrated in Corning.  Providing such a proper facility clearly serves the civic interest, trending skateboarders toward it, rather than other potential sites of such activities, affording them good reasons to observe relevant City rules.

Woodland could raise its sales tax a quarter-cent to cover the huge bonded debt it must service, so that it might also service our valuable civic interests and quality of life, from our library to our skateboard park.

Links about Corning’s Skateboard Park (the video in third link, below, displays what a marvelous facility this is, reflecting comments / reviews on the link just below and on its Facebook page):