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The following local businesses generously support the work of Yolo Sun to provide essential journalism for pivotal community / public benefit (please see its Mission Statement at top of this page).

Opinions expressed by Yolo Sun do not necessarily reflect the views of its sponsors.

Each of these sponsoring businesses is a valuable part of the community of Woodland, as well as of the broader community of Yolo County.

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Please show your appreciation to these key sponsors of community journalism by being their customers:


Trustworthy reputation; always a profound ethic, but especially so in certain businesses, such as precious metals, antiques, jewelry, coins and firearms.

Woodland Gold and Silver is locally owned and operated, regularly demonstrating trust, value and services for its customers throughout this region of California.

Featuring an utterly amazing array of specialties and services — from firearms, timepieces, diamonds and jewelry, to bullion, scrap-gold, coins and currency, to gemstones, flatware, silver-services and historical photography — Woodland Gold and Silver’s expertise and reliability means its customers are always confident of dealing with the best in these diverse and challenging fields of commerce.

With more than a decade of detailed experience, Brandon Hodges constantly strives to sustain and expand the circle of trust, confidence and services which is its hallmark of reliable and convenient customer value and satisfaction.

Woodland Gold and Silver is located in historic downtown Woodland.

619 Main Street, telephone: 530 – 661 – 6873, open from 10 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Saturday.

Please contact Woodland Gold and Silver at the following internet link :

Website: www.woodlandgoldandsilver.com

Facebook: Woodland Gold and Silver

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____  CORNER DRUG  ____ 

Woodland’s original pharmacy, Corner Drug is now in its — 118th year — operating as:  “The Store Of Service”  in the center of its downtown at First & Main Streets (602 Main St.).

Corner Drug features fast, friendly service, with:  home (etc.) delivery, automatic refills upon request, and easy prescription transfer.

As well as Woodland’s original pharmacy, Corner Drug is an original and continous participant in decades-long, ongoing efforts to revitalize its downtown.

Corner Drug is open Monday – Friday: 9 – 6, Saturday: 9 – 3

Telephone:  662 – 2813

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Skateboarding shop extraordinaire:  SorD  features an awesome display-wall with boards of all styles and descriptions, a work of art in collage.

Our boardshop is fun to visit and we plan to keep it that way.

SorD is located in the heart of downtown Woodland at 526 Main Street.

Experienced staff provide friendly, personalized service for  all  of your skateboarding needs, with:  a truly massive selection of components  —  specialized footware and fashion  —  headgear  —  eyeware  —  accessories  —  skateboarding videos and training materials  — plus, great attitude and vision.

We have wheels, boards and shoes to complement your styles.

Shoe lines include:   Osiris  —  Globe  — Dekline  —  Emerica.

Deck lines include:   ToyMachine   —  Baker  —   and far too many to mention, including some local (custom) boardmakers.

SorD sponsors a local team that competes in state and regional contests.

Be sure to check out our website:  http://www.sordboards.com

and give us a call at:  662 – 2468  (- Cell:  400 – 3775 -)

or —  just skate on in —

Open Every Day:  Monday – Friday from 12 to 8  &  Saturday – Sunday from 11 to 8.

We hope to see you rolling up here, soon,

Your board-friends at SorD

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